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Ingleside at King Farm

24 May, 2019
Morning Stretch cancelled CANCELLED 08:30 AM
Complete 30min Workout cancelled CANCELLED 09:00 AM
Vision Support Group FDR 10:30 AM
Exercise Lite cancelled CANCELLED 11:30 AM
Wegmans Trip 12:00 PM
Mahjong Atrium 01:00 PM
Book Keepers Book Club FDR 02:00 PM
BYOB Happy Hour 701 Lounge 05:00 PM

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Community Space Closures - Starting Wednesday, 5/20 - Monday, 5/27 the following community spaces are closed in preparation for the opening of the Center for Healthy Living (CHL):

  • Multi-purpose Room (MPR)
  • Chapel
  • Fitness Center
  • Conference Room
Programs scheduled in the MPR, Chapel, and Fitness Center are CANCELLED. Programs scheduled in the Conference Room are relocated to either the Private Dining Room (PDR) or Formal Dining Room (FDR) if available, otherwise cancelled. Please consult the Daily or the home page of the Resident Website for exact locations. Or contact Katharine Luther, Cultural Arts Manager at (240)499-9038  if uncertain.

Garage Door Replacements now on West side - UPDATE:  Overhead Doors are on the West side the morning of Thursday, May 23rd.  They will finish Friday, May 24th. If you have any questions or concern, please contact Plant Operations at 240-499-0469. Thank you for your patience.

Jaffee Electric will finish the 4th Floor Thursday, May 23rd - Jaffee Electric will be finishing on the 4th floor  Thursday, May 23rd and starting on the 3rd floor on Friday, May 24th.  They will be installing an extra outlet for the floodstops in the apartments.   They will be installing 10 outlets/day.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Lisa Brenner, Plant Ops Coordinator at 240-499-0469. Thank you Plant Ops Team

Manager on Duty 5/25-5/26 - Manager on Duty 5/25-5/26 will be

  • Tish Stalnaker  5/25
  • Katharine Luther 5/26

HVAC filter changes - Maintenance has started changing all HVAC filters.  We expect to be finished by the end of May.  If you have any questions, please call Lisa at 240-499-0469. Thank you

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In Memoriam

Joe Harris 05-23-2019

Margot Dessauer 05-17-2019

Murray Miles 05-11-2019

Please see postings on memorial table near Courtyard Cafe and at nurses' stations for memorial service information.

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