Please make your Dining Reservations (see below).


Ingleside at King Farm

21 March, 2019
Cardio Strength Front MPR 09:00 AM
CVS & MOM's Trip 10:00 AM
Exercise Lite Front MPR 11:30 AM
Walking Club Lobby 12:00 PM
Fallsgrove Village Center Trip 12:00 PM
Bridge Atrium/701 01:00 PM
Chorus Rehearsal Chapel 01:15 PM
Senior Leadership Coffee & Chat Back MPR 02:15 PM
Healthy Lifestylers Chapel 04:00 PM
Dementia Caregiver Support Group Chapel 06:30 PM

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Maintenance Notice - Grease Trap cleaning March 19th 9pm-10pm - On Tuesday, March 19th, the grease interceptors will be pumped. This will take place between 9:00pm – 10:00pm. Thank you for understanding, Maintenance Department

Plant Operations Notice - Installation of floodstops on 2nd floor March 21st - Thursday, March 421st, ABSI will be installing “Floodstops” on your water heaters. They will begin around Apt. #231 and work their way around until the 2nd floor is done.  They will continue their work on Friday, March 22nd and finish the 1st floor. A “Floodstop” is a device that will detect a leak from the hot water heater and shut the water automatically. The installation will take approximately 1 hour. If you have questions, please contact Lisa Brenner at 240-499-9069. Thank you for your cooperation and support.

Dining Reservations Required - Dining Reservations are now  required for the Bistro.  You can make them either online or by calling Dining 240-499-9035.

  • For online reservations on the website, go to Dining --> Dining Reservations
No reservations are needed for singles or couples coming to The Open Table at 5:30 PM for dinner at Le Bistro Monday through Saturday evenings. Those coming will be seated with other residents who also came for The Open Table.

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In Memoriam

03-20-2019 Bill Adler

03-15-2019 Roger DuPont

03-07-2019 Judy Wittman

02-25-2019 Margaret Arness

02-25-2019 Hilda Kiss

02-24-2019 Ralph Wadsworth

02-17-2019 Diane Wallenmeyer

Bill Ratcliff~Former IKF Resident

02-12-2019 Myles Kaye

02-06-2019 Irwin Olin

Please see postings on memorial table near Courtyard Cafe and at nurses' stations for memorial service information.

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