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Ingleside at King Farm

15 September, 2019
11:00 AM Morning Worship AL Parlor
11:30 AM Brunch Le Bistro
01:00 PM Bridge (ACBL Rules) Card Room
03:00 PM Tech. Sunday Classroom
04:30 PM Vespers Service Chesapeake

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Hot Water Heater Installation Underway - ABSI began installing new hot water heaters in each apartment on August 19th.  They will be doing 2-3 per day.  The process will take approximately 4 hours for each apartment. We will be meeting with residents about a week before their due date to give information and to answer any questions. NOTE:  we will be entering your apartment during this time to get these done.  We will not be able to adjust the day or times due to a tight time frame.   Thank you for your understanding

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In Memoriam

Marianne Rosen 09-11-2019

Maryanna Doukas 09-08-2019

Eric Shettle 08-21-2019

Howard E. Shapiro 08-18-2019

Please see postings on memorial table near Courtyard Cafe and at nurses' stations for memorial service information.

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