Please make your Dining Reservations (see below).


Ingleside at King Farm

09 December, 2018
Sunday Worship Lincoln Grove 7th 11:00 AM
Sunday Brunch Le Bistro 11:30 AM
Spiritual Sojourners Chapel 01:30 PM
Afternoon Mingle 701 Lounge 02:30 PM
Vespers Service Front MPR 04:30 PM
Hanukkah Lighting Atrium 05:00 PM

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Dining Reservations Required - Please make Dining Reservations Online or by Calling Dining 240-499-9035 for:

  • Parties of 6 or more
  • Sun.  Brunch Bistro
  • Wed. Dinner Bistro Chef's Special
  • Thu. Lunch  Bistro Tarragon or Rendez vous
  • Fri. Bistro Dinners

Aaron phone number - please if you want to contact Aaron (driver) please call 240-330-8334

FOB Lockset Installation Continues - Lockset installation is continuing on the 5th floor.  You do not need to be present during this process. If you have any questions, call Front Desk (240-499-9015)

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In Memoriam

12-07-2018 Mary Adler

12-05-2018 Joan Rosenblatt

12-04-2018 Maurice Dunie

12-02-2018 Phyllis Kreizman

11-30-2018 Claire Heller

11-26-2018 Harold Wittman

11-25-2018 Ed Renauer

Please see postings on memorial table near Courtyard Cafe and at nurses' stations for memorial service information.

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