We are developing a person centric wellness approach for residents which encourages each participant and their supporting wellness team to tailor an individual program that incorporates any or all of the multiple dimensions of wellness.

We are starting with the Physical dimension, specifically the fitness aspect.
Please use the link below to access the Wellness Portal.

If you do not yet have a Wellness Portal account, please contact the Fitness and Wellness Coordinator, Jena Olsen, at 703-496-3435 orĀ jolsen@inglesideonline.org.

Wellness Portal

Social Wellness

The socially well person has a network of friends and family to turn to for support, validation and sharing of life experiences, relates to and connects with others and establishes and maintains positive relationships.

Intellectual Wellness

The intellectually well person values education, engages in lifelong learning and pursues activities that increase knowledge, develop moral reasoning, foster critical thinking and expand world views.

Spiritual Wellness

The spiritually well person explores the discovery of meaning and purpose in human existence and develops an appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and the natural forces that exist in the universe.

Occupational Wellness

The occupationally well person draws personal fulfillment from a career, volunteering or other pursuits while maintaining balance in other areas of life, and desires to make a positive impact on the workplace and society as a whole.

Emotional Wellness

The emotionally well person is able to appropriately express and manage the entire range of feelings, including anger, fear, happiness and sadness, and possesses self-esteem, a sense of humor and a positive body image.

Physical Wellness

The physically well person has the capacity to get through daily activities without undue fatigue or physical stress, adopts healthful habits and recognizes that our own behaviors have a significant impact on wellness.

Environmental Wellness

Environmental well-being encourages interaction with nature and your personal surroundings. An environmentally well person preserves, protects and seeks to improve the environment and values the interconnection between nature and the individual.